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We are a house open to the impact community

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8 Staturps for cultural diversity: for a more sustainable and cohesive society


Casa do Impacto showcased projects and our Hub to the German Minister of European Affairs and Climate


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We live together to make an impact

We get up every day because we believe that the best way to change the world is to change lives. We meet neighbours through language and culture. We open doors to those who knock on our door. We cultivate a democracy accessible to all. We cook more sustainable businesses. We go into rooms to turn n00bs into programming bosses. We teach in the games room. We go up to the terrace and put out fires from space. And we are more and more.

We mess up the house, to tidy up the ideas. We have lunch with investors, partners and share the ceiling with those who have been doing it for a long time. We look at the bills when we wake up and never go to bed without assessing the impact. Because tomorrow we want to do more. More impact, beyond these walls, beyond Lisbon. From Portugal, to the World.

Entrepreneurship must be social. This is our way of being.

Here, we are at home.

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