The entrepreneurs living in our space are the energy that daily inspires and drives the ecosystem of social impact.

You know here who works every day for a more sustainable, more balanced, more conscious, more human future!

logo 55+


Programme that promotes the active life and knowledge of people aged 55 and over who provide quality and reliable services in their neighbourhoods by creating informal support networks.

logo academia de codigo

Academia de Código

Intensive Bootcamps that turn unemployed people into successful programmers. Teaching programming in schools with the Ubbu platform.

ACCESS LAB logotipo 2

Access Lab

A company that provides access to culture and entertainment for people with disabilities and deaf people as a fundamental human right.

logo actif


Provides ready-to-use content that has physical and cognitive benefits and is entertaining. In addition, it helps institutions plan activities to improve their services to their users, giving them more time for individual care and exceptional cases.

Afrikanizm Art logotipo

Afrikanizm Art

A platform that sells original, unique art with an identity, focused on promoting and supporting contemporary African artists by facilitating the resources needed to make art a viable occupation.

airco2 logotipo


360° carbon footprint management for companies and organizations.

amparo logotipo


It develops, produces and distributes prosthetic components, particularly the Confidence Socket, which provides a remoldable leg in 1 hour for a lower limb amputee.

Animob logotipo


The solution is to share land and livestock through specialized training for “modern shepherds” who take care of animal mobility.

Café-Escola Joyeux Cascais logotipo

Café-Escola Joyeux Cascais

Trains and employs young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Difficulties (IDD) in Cascais.

Carbono Biodiverso – Associação Verde logotipo

Carbono Biodiverso – Associação Verde

Portugal’s first carbon offset project, preserving large trees and planting future trees.

Careceiver logotipo


Digital application for caregivers that provides management solutions, information and training.

Ciclo Expresso – Bicicultura

It promotes sustainable mobility to school through “bicycle trains”, contributing to children’s autonomy and health.

circular economy logotipo

Circular Economy Portugal

Inspires and empowers public entities, companies and organizations to adopt circular strategies.

logo clynx


It aims to make Physiotherapy a motivating and enjoyable experience for patients through a video game-based solution used both in the clinic and at home.

Clube de Autores logotipo

Clube de Autores

The world’s first self-publishing online platform for Portuguese-language books. All writers can publish both print and digital versions for free, freely stipulating their royalties.

logo cucunver


The Cucunver Bank, a startup of Spanish origin, aims to create a neobank to facilitate non-profit organizations’ operations.

DEMwell logotipo


A digital application that helps focus on the individual, dedicated to institutions and caregivers.

Diagnio logotipo


A digital application that empowers women to take control of their reproductive health.

Dioscope logotipo


Developed by young doctors, it was the first Portuguese company to invest in online practice for the medical speciality access exam.

Donorsee logotipo


A donation platform focused on people who care about the impact of their donations.

logo dnovo


Works within the scope of senior qualified professional activity. Promotes professional counseling and re-qualification, entrepreneurship programs, and creates awareness around the business sector.

logo dreamwaves


Designs spatial audio solutions that empower people. Their app, waveOut, combines 3D sound and augmented reality to make navigation easy for everyone.

Escola Oficina logotipo

Escola Oficina

It offers students a new way to develop and enhance personal and professional skills. The most enterprising students can implement their projects with the support of the school and the network of partners.

logo forest impact

Forest Impact

An organization that follows a methodology allowing forests to grow faster, denser, and attract more biodiversity, 100% native and organic.

FreddieMed logotipo


It provides clinical, operational technologies based on open network architecture. Users can build clinical health ecosystems with just a few clicks – globally.

Future Films logo

Future Films

Platform that offers a unique selection of films about sustainability and social justice, together with organizations and projects that create solutions and good practices, to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. It’s information and action in one place!

GAS Nova

Youth association with NGDO status aims to bring youth closer to the world’s most significant challenges and create agents of social transformation that trigger Global Sustainable Development.

Generosa logotipo


Portuguese startup with a mission to revolutionize how we care for plants in our homes.

logo glooma


It aims to create awareness about the importance of preventing breast cancer. In addition, it strives for more Women to have an early diagnosis, avoiding more aggressive treatments, mutilating surgeries, or even death.

logo GoParity


A platform for investment in sustainability projects, which promotes the widening of access to opportunities and the sharing of benefits (financial, social and environmental).

Hephaesnus logotipo


Startup focused on fighting forest fires efficiently, safely, economically and with an environmentally sustainable strategy.

logo IES - Social Business School

IES – Social Business School

Business school focused on social innovation and sustainable business solutions, which offers training, research and consultancy.

logo joplins


Brand of fair-trade sunglasses combines perfect protection, style, versatility and sustainability.

Kindology logotipo


Social impact brand and community focused on making mental health accessible through private consultations, group sessions for businesses and individuals, products and events.

Kitchen Dates

Kitchen Dates

A food literacy project encouraging people and organizations to adopt more sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact.

Koiki logotipo


It aims to solve the problem of the increased emissions generated by last-mile delivery through a sustainable distribution model and creating jobs for people in situations of social exclusion in Greater Lisbon and Porto.

La Virgule logotipo

La Virgule

It is making the world of sport and the outdoors a circular reality by converting technical equipment that would usually incinerate into functional, cool and durable backpacks.

Matterpieces logotipo


It proposes recycling and reusing demolition waste (RCDs) by separating, treating and upcycling RCDs to transform them into cladding materials.

Logo Mykor


Biotechnology and manufacturing company developing commercially viable and sustainable building materials made from waste and fungi.

logo manicomio


Pioneer Portuguese co-workspace/ atelier and art gallery, which brings together mental illness artists and other creatives. A project dedicated to training, psychosocial and professional reintegration.

logo MyPolis


App which aims to connect politicians with citizens, bringing the sphere of civic participation into the 21st century, in a logic of gamification. 21st century, in a logic of gamification.

Neki logotipo


Wearable tracking devices enabling prevention or quick action in case of an older person’s fall, disorientation or other incidents.

Net zero Insights logotipo

Net zero Insights

Eutopia is an AI-powered platform to access information about 27k climate startups in Europe and North America such as climate impact metrics, financials, patents, traction, contacts and much more – essentially a Crunchbase for Climate.

logo nevaro


Develops digital health solutions for mental health management, therapeutics, well-being and performance optimization based on clinically validated gamification strategies and biofeedback.

No Code Institute

Offers a digital reskilling platform that allows “underestimated” transitioning talents to reboot their careers by learning to build software without code.

Logotipo Pedalar sem Idade Portugal

Pedalar sem Idade Portugal

Develops a simple and innovative solution to a growing problem: the unwanted social isolation and loneliness of older people and people with reduced mobility through trishaw rides carried out by volunteer pilots.

Penylon by Circular Ocean logotipo

Penylon by Circular Ocean

Encourages the recycling of ocean plastic waste through the upcycling of fishing nets into high-performance materials for customers truly dedicated to sustainability, such as designers, architects and high-end manufacturing companies.

Problemattic logotipo


A radical, cooperative problem-solving community that gathers the right people on suitable projects with the right incentives.

Ravel logotipo


Circular Economy Solution for Textile Waste.

Logotipo Reshape


It aims to positively impact the lives within the prison community, creating equal and better opportunities for successful and dignified integration into society.

Scan4MyHealth logotipo


A platform providing an integrated solution for managing and monitoring patient vital signs.

School of Gaming logotipo

School of Gaming

Guides children to reach their full potential through online gaming.

logo sea shepherd

Sea Shepherd (+ Ghost NetWork)

Sea Shepherd is a direct action marine conservation organization founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson. It aims to defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife and ecosystems worldwide.

Sea the Future logo


SeaTheFuture is an online platform dedicated to protecting and restore the Ocean, by connecting science-backed conservation projects around the globe to those who want to support them.

SEMEAR logotipo


“MERCEARIA SEMEAR” is an Inclusive social business that aims to employ people with disabilities and combat food waste through producing, exploiting, preparing, confection, transforming, and selling artisanal food products.

Sempre a Rodar

It helps children and young people acquire fit-size bicycles, promoting their health and reducing their environmental footprint.

logo shifter


It’s a community magazine for intersectional thinking, reflection, and criticism on technology, society, and culture. It’s community-based and supported by its readers.


A programme for sharing languages and cultures between migrants and local people that promotes inclusion, multilingualism and democratisation of learning.

logo spot games

Spot Games

Intervention in schools through games: meaningful, fun learning experiences in an inclusive and engaging environment.

Teach for Portugal logotipo

Teach for Portugal

A non-profit organization whose vision is that one day, all children in Portugal will have an education that allows them to reach their full potential.

The Equal Food Co. logotipo

The Equal Food Co.

It fights food waste through its valorisation, thus minimizing waste and generating value.

Logotipo Ubbu


It wants to prepare all young minds (6 to 12 years old) to master logical thinking and problem solving. It offers a solution for introducing computer science teaching in the classroom.

logo vencer autismo

Vencer Autismo

It promotes the inclusion of people with autism through comprehension and reduction of negative stigma. Over 55.000 people from 60 cities have already attended Vencer Autismo events and lectures.

Venn Foods logotipo

Venn Foods

Online delivery service of vegan food kits and recipes. Deliveries in Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro and Braga.

We Guide

We Guide

The project created by “Terra dos Sonhos” Association aims to support and empower patients and caregivers to manage cancer diseases, increasing their quality of life and improving health outcomes.

WindCredible logotipo


Unique and patented design that allows you to increase energy production while minimizing noise pollution.

logo youth climate leaders

Youth Climate Leaders

Created in 2018 in Brazil and 2020 in Portugal, it aims to catalyze climate action by providing youth with training, networks, and concrete opportunities to start their careers in the field of climate change.