The entrepreneurs living in our space are the energy that daily inspires and drives the ecosystem of social impact.

You know here who works every day for a more sustainable, more balanced, more conscious, more human future!

logo 55+


Programme that promotes the active life and knowledge of people aged 55 and over who provide quality and reliable services in their neighbourhoods by creating informal support networks.

logo academia de codigo

Academia de Código

Intensive Bootcamps that turn unemployed people into successful programmers. Teaching programming in schools with the Ubbu platform.

logo actif


Provides ready-to-use content that has physical and cognitive benefits and is entertaining. In addition, it helps institutions plan activities to improve their services to their users, giving them more time for individual care and exceptional cases.

logo Africa Educational Trust

Africa Educational Trust

NGOs working to create educational opportunities for children and communities in excluded African nations.

Logotipo Agrolux


Project directed to the development, construction and exploitation of integrated solutions for urban agriculture, and support for social inclusion.

logo ambigular


Storytelling events and products created by and with people from cultural and ethnic minorities. Aimes at deconstructing prejudice and simultaneously developing communication and creativity techniques with communities.

APAC Portugal

Internationally proven methodology, which provides the inmate with conditions for recovery and reintegration into society.

Logotipo Ashoka


Fundação sem fins lucrativos que promove soluções para os problemas sociais e ambientais, através de ecossistemas colaborativos para a procura do bem comum.

logo beat the butt

Beat the Butt

2-in-1 product (tobacco holder and ashtray attached) capable of holding at least 20 butts. Created to combat the main reason smokers throw butts on the floor, the lack of adequate infrastructure.

logo bluedot


Businesses and private individuals can share their charging stations with others and monetize them or find and book a charging station nearby through the app.

logo chatterbox


Online platform aimed at organizations and professionals offering customized language courses, promoted by talented refugees.

logo circular economy portugal

Circular Economy Portugal

A non-profit environmental NGO aims to tackle the Portuguese transition into a circular economy (based on sustainable production and consumption).

logo clynx


It aims to make Physiotherapy a motivating and enjoyable experience for patients through a video game-based solution used both in the clinic and at home.

logo colombina clandestina

Colombina Clandestina

A non-profit collective believes in gathering forces to implement Lisbon Carnival. They believe in the feminist struggle, LGBTQIA+ rights, in favour of diversity, against racism and xenophobia. Also in favour of the street and public space as stages for culture.

logo conexion 2030


It proposes creating a virtual ecosystem to integrate travellers, communities, and companies into a more sustainable tourism e experience.

logo cucunver


The Cucunver Bank, a startup of Spanish origin, aims to create a neobank to facilitate non-profit organizations’ operations.

logo diverge

Diverge for Good

DiVERGE for Good aims to recruit young people at risk, transform them into designers and entrepreneurs, helping them to create their own sneakerbusiness, and opening the doors to the world for them.

logo dnovo


Works within the scope of senior qualified professional activity. Promotes professional counseling and re-qualification, entrepreneurship programs, and creates awareness around the business sector.

Logotipo Doctor Spin

Doctor Spin

Communication agency focused on defining and implementing PR and digital communication strategies. It was born in a start-up environment so it knows the needs of new businesses.

logo dreamwaves


Designs spatial audio solutions that empower people. Their app, waveOut, combines 3D sound and augmented reality to make navigation easy for everyone.

Logotipo eCO2Blocks


Project that proposes to develop and produce sustainable building materials, low cost and taking advantage of industrial waste.

Logotipo Empowe'Her


A non-profit organization that promotes the empowerment of women in the world of entrepreneurship. Creates training, coaching and networking programmes.

logo estúdio manifesto

Estúdio Manifesto

Agency, digital consulting, and production.

logo forest impact

Forest Impact

An organization that follows a methodology allowing forests to grow faster, denser, and attract more biodiversity, 100% native and organic.

caixa cinzenta - não tem logo

Future Films

The streaming platform with a unique selection of films on environmental sustainability and social justice primarily targets young people aged 18-29. All movies are related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

logo genviot


Sustainable Irrigation System that replaces any irrigation controller without altering the garden. It combines wireless sensor networks and AI to adapt run times without human interaction, reducing water and energy consumption by 50%.

logo ghost network

Ghost NetWork (+ Sea Shepherd)

NGO aims to build an impact movement and community to clean and protect the oceans underpinned by art, action, and thriving local communities.

logo Give & Take Lab

Give & Take Lab

Collaborative laboratory focused on finding ways to empower organizations and individuals to explore new ways to interact with money.

logo glooma


It aims to create awareness about the importance of preventing breast cancer. In addition, it strives for more Women to have an early diagnosis, avoiding more aggressive treatments, mutilating surgeries, or even death.

logo GoParity


A platform for investment in sustainability projects, which promotes the widening of access to opportunities and the sharing of benefits (financial, social and environmental).

logo IES - Social Business School

IES – Social Business School

Business school focused on social innovation and sustainable business solutions, which offers training, research and consultancy.

Logotipo Impacton


Project that analyses and selects existing impact projects and converts them into adaptable and affordable models for other entrepreneurs to implement.

Logotipo It's About Impact

It’s About Impact

A non-profit event organisation that produces social impact content for a mainstream audience.

logo joplins


Brand of fair-trade sunglasses combines perfect protection, style, versatility and sustainability.

logo mad panda

Mad Panda

A platform that helps animal associations by being the epicenter of them and therefore improving their work.

logo spm


A project that focuses on the treatment of polluted effluents using biocompatible magnetic nanosystems.

logo manicomio


Pioneer Portuguese co-workspace/ atelier and art gallery, which brings together mental illness artists and other creatives. A project dedicated to training, psychosocial and professional reintegration.

logo maria


A project that helps improve the skills of students and young adults’ informal caregivers (of mental illness patients) through an accessible, personalized, and convenient support network.

logo matter


Startup de cleantech que oferece soluções premium e de valor acrescentado de design e arquitetura, através da utilização de subprodutos e resíduos orgânicos, numa lógica de economia circular

logo maze-x

Maze X

European start-up accelerator for technology-based impact ventures. Programme: 3 months of acceleration (with grant) and 6 months of support.

logo mentora health

Mentora Health

Plataforma digital que tem como objetivo ajudar a melhorar a qualidade de vida dos doentes oncológicos.

Logotipo Moving Worlds

Moving Worlds

Its mission is to bring talent to the parts of the world that need it most. They help connect over 600 experts to projects aligned with the 17 SDGs.

logo music seeds

Music Seeds

An online platform in which world-renowned musicians create new music collaboratively. Profits derived from each theme revert to a specific cause.

logo MyPolis


App which aims to connect politicians with citizens, bringing the sphere of civic participation into the 21st century, in a logic of gamification. 21st century, in a logic of gamification.

logo nevaro


Develops digital health solutions for mental health management, therapeutics, well-being and performance optimization based on clinically validated gamification strategies and biofeedback.

logo noharm is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to bring more agility and security to Clinical Pharmacy professionals.

logo panion


Digital communities management online platform.


Online therapy centred on empathy criteria and patient-psychologist matching. Promotes psychology literacy to counteract the stigma of Mental Health in Portugal.

logo rádio miúdos

Rádio Miúdos

First Portuguese online radio aimed at children, parents and educators, with the aim of uniting Portuguese speakers around the world and promoting the development of soft skills.

logo reshape ceramics

Reshape Ceramics

It aims to positively impact the lives within the prison community, creating equal and better opportunities for successful and dignified integration into society.

logo rural move

Rural Move

An online platform links remote workers aiming to live or work in the interior of Portugal and those regions with infrastructure, equipment and services available to welcome them.

logo sea shepherd

Sea Shepherd (+ Ghost NetWork)

Sea Shepherd is a direct action marine conservation organization founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson. It aims to defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife and ecosystems worldwide.

logo shifter


It’s a community magazine for intersectional thinking, reflection, and criticism on technology, society, and culture. It’s community-based and supported by its readers.

Logotipo Skizo


Start-up that transforms plastic collected from the oceans into customized trainers manufactured in Portugal.


A programme for sharing languages and cultures between migrants and local people that promotes inclusion, multilingualism and democratisation of learning.

logo spot games

Spot Games

Intervention in schools through games: meaningful, fun learning experiences in an inclusive and engaging environment.

Logotipo The Equal Food Co.

The Equal Food Co.

It aims to combat food waste. They work with producers and companies to redirect waste products to new markets, building a more sustainable food chain without surpluses.

Logotipo The Minimal Magazine

The Minimal Magazine

Editorial Project and Social Innovation Academy, develops solutions for a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable life. It offers services such as workshops & masterclasses, consultancy & business training, lectures, events and more. .

logo the wellbeing project

The Wellbeing Project

Global initiative co-created with international organizations, promoting the culture of well-being in the changemaker community through individual and organizational programs, research, global and regional learning networks and storytelling.

Logotipo Thidols


Portuguese brand of t-shirts with faces of activists, philanthropists and scientists. The t-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton, with biodegradable dyes and from Portuguese suppliers.

Logotipo Ubbu


It wants to prepare all young minds (6 to 12 years old) to master logical thinking and problem solving. It offers a solution for introducing computer science teaching in the classroom.

logo value flow

Value Flow

A laboratory that promotes the rediscovery of values inherent in a regenerative and abundant society, guaranteeing the dignity of all living beings: humans, animals, plants and other organisms.

Logotipo Varina


Company that promotes responsible tourism, focusing on the sustainable development of fishing culture and its human heritage.

logo vencer autismo

Vencer Autismo

It promotes the inclusion of people with autism through comprehension and reduction of negative stigma. Over 55.000 people from 60 cities have already attended Vencer Autismo events and lectures.

logo volvero


Car sharing high-secure technology app. Private owners and companies can recoup ownership costs, and users can find the best solution for their transportation needs.

logo youth climate leaders

Youth Climate Leaders

Created in 2018 in Brazil and 2020 in Portugal, it aims to catalyze climate action by providing youth with training, networks, and concrete opportunities to start their careers in the field of climate change.

logo zenklub


Flexible online psychological counselling and competitive values. Mission: to promote a healthy lifestyle and to break down stigmas on these services.