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+ PLUS is a financial support mechanism endowed with 500,000€ per year, which supports implementing innovative solutions with social and/or environmental impact.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030, +PLUS allows entrepreneurs, startups, and social organizations to test or increase the impact of their innovative solutions.

According to their development, solutions must fit into one of the +PLUS action axes: Testing for solutions in the initial implementation stage and with a high impact potential or Scaling for solutions already implemented and with proven impact results.

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New or recent solutions, with potential for impact and already validated as to their feasibility, may apply, promoted by entrepreneurs and private or social entities.

>> Financial support in the maximum amount of €50,000 and a maximum of 2 years.
>> Non-financial support for market implementation and impact demonstration.

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Solutions that have already been implemented and active in the market and have already been validated for their impact, promoted by private or social entities, can apply.

>> Financial support in the maximum amount of 100,000 euros and a maximum duration of 2 years.
>> Non-financial support for organizational scalability and growth.

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>> Customized follow-up plan.

>> Measurement of impact through indicators defined from the moment zero.

>> Involvement in the impact ecosystem.

>> Pay for results.

>> Non-financial support by the team, experts, and partners of Casa do Impacto.


+ PLUS aims to strengthen the impact ecosystem by filling funding gaps for new solutions or recent solutions with high potential for social and/or environmental impact. The investment strategy favors the production of impact over the financial return of the supported solutions. Financial support is granted through non-refundable amounts, adjusted to the needs of each initiative, and non-financial support through individualized monitoring designed to facilitate its success.

The Testing axis supports the consolidation of innovative solutions that have not yet been implemented or are at an early implementation stage and intend to test their impact.

No, the idea can’t yet have been implemented. Still, it should have already been validated through a test or pilot project that demonstrates that it is feasible and viable as a product, service, or process. Therefore, it is necessary to have proof of concept results and evidence.

Under the terms of the Regulation, all areas of intervention that fall under one or more Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations Organization (SDG 2030) are contemplated, and the supported solutions must contribute in some way to their achievement.

There are 17 SDGs which include 169 goals and 230 global indicators. As a whole, it is possible to identify the following general areas: People – referring to the eradication of poverty and hunger, the promotion of dignity and equality; Planet – focusing on sustainable consumption and production, combating climate change and managing natural resources; Prosperity – concerning personal fulfillment, economic and social progress; Peace – peaceful, just and inclusive societies, free from fear and violence and Partnerships – involving transversal integration, interconnection and joint mobilization for the benefit of the most vulnerable. You should find out more about the 2030 SDGs to check the specific framework of the solution you want to apply for +PLUS. You can find more information at: https://unric.org/pt/objetivos-de-desenvolvimento-sustentavel/

Entrepreneurs can apply to the Testing axis, individually or in teams, Social Economy entities (associations, cooperatives, foundations, and others defined in the Basic Law of the Social Economy), commercial companies, and other legal persons governed by private law. However, for the Scaling axis, only the aforementioned legal persons can apply.

Yes, but only to the Testing axis, which allows individuals to apply. In the case of a team, it is necessary to identify the person responsible for the application and the others who constitute or will form the team.

Yes, no doubt. If the solution developed by the project fits into the Testing axis, it must demonstrate that it is feasible and viable. For the Scaling axis, it is necessary that the solution has already obtained results revealing impact and shows how these results were measure.

The deadline for applications runs from September 13 to December 20 of 2021.

You can only apply by filling out and submitting the online form, available at Casa do Impacto website.

The amount of financial support requested by each application must adjust its execution’s nature and real needs. The amount of financial support requested by each application should accommodate its execution’s nature and real needs. This adequacy is one of the selection criteria of the candidacies by the Final Jury. The amount of financial support in each axis, Testing, and Scaling have a maximum value that cannot exceed. Therefore, although it is essential to be realistic in the amount of financial support requested, it doesn’t need to reach the maximum limits foreseen for each axis.

No. The form asks for an estimate of different types of investment and operating costs. The detailed budget will be prepared later and included in the Financial Support Agreement. However, the estimated costs must be justified in the application’s execution and documented.

No. Financial support grants installments or tranches according to the payment-by-results mechanism. Therefore, each approved application’s detailed plan will have different phases of execution, associated with results and activities to achieve them, and the deadlines for payment of tranches.

It is a mechanism based on contracting short-term results (outputs) and medium/long-term (outcomes) achieved during financial support. Achieved results and amounts available, at any given time, are previously signed through the financial support contract between those responsible for the applications and +PLUS, under the Regulation’s terms provided.

The maximum duration of financial support for both Testing and Scaling axes is two years. However, financial support requests for less time and duration should depend on the time needed to achieve expected results. It is equally essential that the period of financial support is adequate to the execution of the activities that allow these results.

The selection process consists of a pre-selection phase and a final selection phase. Only applications considered eligible under the Regulation terms get included in the pre-selection phase. In the pre-selection phase, the applies carried over to the final selection phase are chosen. In the final selection phase, there are two selection moments. First, only applications that best fit the pay-by-results mechanism are selected, and only these will carry on to the second selection stage and be presented to the final Jury. Second, the Final Jury selects the applications that will benefit from + Plus financial support.

No. The Pre-selection phase may request additional information, and the team may establish contacts that integrate the application. The final selection phase will carry out events and activities (Bootcamp, mentoring) that allow the development of the form information and adapt the application to the payment by results mechanism.

Yes, the person responsible for the application or at least one of the team members must participate in these events and activities to acquire relevant information for the final selection of applications.

In the pre-selection phase, the application’s general quality is evaluated, particularly concerning the solution’s characteristics (innovation, feasibility, effectiveness, sustainability, impact) and the team’s skills. In the final selection phase, the application’s overall coherence of the application vis-à-vis the pay-for-results mechanism is evaluated, particularly concerning the ability to deliver the expected results through the proposed activities and the instruments foreseen to assess those results. Amount adequacy and duration of the requested financial support are both evaluated. The +PLUS Fund Regulation consultation regards selection criteria’s stages.

In addition to the information regularly published at the Casa do Impacto website, promoters will be email notified about results in each phase of the selection process.

No, the follow-up is made to measure according to the expected results and the activities designed by each selected candidate. It includes the results monitoring, impact assessment, and responses to non-financial needs, such as mentoring, training, or activating networks of contacts.

Casa do Impacto’s team will monitor all projects during the agreed financial support period and ensure non-financial support. After this period, Casa do Impacto will continue to promote projects, organizations, and the respective innovative solutions in the impact ecosystem through its initiatives and programs and those of its partners.

APPLICATION PERIOD: from september 13 to december 20, 2021

Information on eligible applications: december 23, 2021

PRE-SELECTION PHASE: between 3rd and 19th january 2022

Information on pre-selected applications: january 20, 2022


Activities and events: between january 25, 2022, to february 11, 2022

Information about the selected applications for the Final Jury: february 14, 2022

Information about the applications selected by the Final Jury for + Plus Fund financial support: february 28, 2022