Triggers it’s the acceleration program designed to challenge everyone with environmental concerns and an entrepreneurial mindset. Find out here which 10 teams are moving forward to the acceleration phase.

Our planet is out of balance due to the environmental crisis. This program brings together disruptive minds to find solutions based on sustainable business models that combine Social and Climate Justice. With Triggers, we will leverage startups and projects with prizes that allow their initial growth.

To the Bootcamp arrived 23 hopeful teams that worked intensely for 2 days to prepare the pitch session. Finally, the 10 teams who continue their journey in this acceleration program were selected.

During Bootcamp, candidates had the chance to prepare the perfect pitch with the support of Casa do Impacto team and Francisco Miranda, Co-founder of Spot Games; Francisca Lencastre, Customer Success Specialist at GoParity; and Bernardo Branco Gonçalves, Founder of MyPolis.


To evaluate the pitches, there was a jury composed by:

_ Inês Sequeira, Director of Casa do Impacto

_ Marisa Loureiro, Innovation Specialist at Grupo Ageas Portugal

_ João Rainha Castro, Architect at Hovione

_ Manuel Andrade, Head of Open Innovation at Galp

_Rita Branco, Venture Partner & Communications Director at Grosvenor

_Nuno Comando, Head of Operations & Communications at Casa do Impacto

_Flávia Nobre, Sustainability Manager at Grupo Ageas Portugal

_Ana Rafael, Sustainability Specialist at Hovione

_ André Pacheco Braceiro, Galp Team

_Bárbara Leão de Carvalho, Impact Investments Manager at Grosvenor.


The jury’s task was not easy, but finally, the 10 solutions chosen to enter the acceleration phase were:


_ Woodastic

Wastic is a patented formula that uses organic raw materials and inorganic residues from the agro-food industries and transforms them into a fluid biopolymer with various applications (for example, biofilm for covering greenhouses). Woodastic is the application of Wastic with wood waste to replace or reduce thermoplastic resins.


_ La Virgule

Its mission is to make the world of sport and the outdoors a circular reality, transforming technical equipment, which would usually be incinerated, into functional, cool, and resistant backpacks.



_ AniMob

They present a solution for the agro-food and forestry area, offering a service for sharing land and livestock by training specialized “modern herders” who are in charge of animal mobility. Directed and regenerative grazing will allow the creation of a single and joint management of land and animals, which will reduce production costs, prevent forest fires, retain carbon, and increase soil resilience.


_ Material Species

Studio8 is a team of architects who have come across large amounts of waste resulting from the demolition of works that, for the most part, are directed to landfills. This project proposes to change this paradigm, transforming demolition and construction waste into quality, unique and personalized coating materials.



_ ReneWaste

Today’s waste is tomorrow’s resource. So ReneWaste developed an e-commerce application that works as a bridge between users who want to sell garbage and companies who want to buy it.


_ Cycle AI

Their mission is to empower micro-mobility lovers and users for their safety through artificial intelligence. Active mobility is of the utmost importance for the future’s sustainable cities, and this startup puts the safest and most reliable routes within everyone’s reach.



_ Recycle Geeks

Collect computers and other electronic materials, promote their repair and consciously recycle them. In addition to helping recover damaged electronic materials, they also teach how to repair and improve computers, giving tutorials on recycling and repair.



_ Amnis Pura

It’s the first Portuguese company dedicated to developing and commercializing technologies for the hydrogen industry. Its products include PEM fuel cells and PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) units for hydrogen purification. Through partnerships, they also sell laser technology systems and fluid control and measurement equipment.




Their mission is to clean the oceans, recycle the fishing nets that pollute them and transform them into ecologically conscious identification cards to replace the usual PVC plastic cards.


_ Soletair Power

Develop direct air capture technologies to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Modular DAC technologies can be easily retrofitted with HVAC or placed in installations, allowing companies to substantially reduce emissions from their buildings, capture carbon and even ensure low CO2 air to improve people’s productivity in the workplace.



Welcome to the community! On March 14, the acceleration phase will begin, which will end on May 13, when we will discover the 3 finalist teams.


The three finalists will have access to mentoring and incubation at Casa do Impacto; a prize of 1650 euros to attend conferences in the area of interest and opportunities to present their MVPs to potential investors. And also 15.000 euros for the grand winner, 10.000 euros for the second place and 5.000 euros for the third place.


For Triggers, we have the best partners: UpComing energies powered by GALP; Grupo Ageas Portugal; Hovione and Grosvenor – House of Investments; who will accompany entrepreneurs from the beginning.

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