Santa Casa is 526 years old, and we are proud to count 6 of them.

At Casa do Impacto, we frequently welcome groups eager to learn about what we do. These groups range from schools across the country, universities from around the world, delegations from other continents, potential Partners, or just curious individuals wanting to understand our Mission. We take great pride in sharing this Mission with the Institution that gave us life—a pioneering Institution making history and impacting the nation through social action, service to the underprivileged, and positive Impact.

With a mission rooted in principles of charity and justice, and a constant drive to reach everyone equally while adapting to the needs of each individual, our Parent Institution sets the tone for the work we do here, promoting these principles in the most Innovative and Sustainable ways possible. Just as Santa Casa has adapted to the challenges of countless generations, seeking efficient strategies and approaches over time, so too has Casa do Impacto, following its example and embracing its responsibility. We strive to address the needs of all segments of society, from childhood to seniority, and promote systemic change that creates lasting Impact.

526 years of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa showcase a remarkable ability to reinvent itself over the centuries, and Casa do Impacto is a testament to this legacy. With its establishment in 2018, Santa Casa opened the doors of tradition, blending the knowledge accumulated over more than five well-lived centuries with Innovation, Social and Environmental Sustainability, and Impact, inviting everyone to actively participate in building the future envisioned by Queen D. Leonor when she took the innovative step of creating it.

Happy Birthday, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa!

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