We are proud to be one of the market’s new matchmakers through the MATCH platform. The new Marketplace for B2B interactions aims to unite Corporates and Impact Enterprises to promote mutually beneficial connections that generate positive Impact for both parties. Match is a pilot-project of the European Union and it comes to you through the efforts of a Consortium that unites Casa do Impacto, Maze Impact, Startup Norway, B Lab Europe, and Saint Brand.

The stimulating need for responsible and sustainable solutions in today’s market justified the creation of this platform, which will serve as a meeting point for these companies that are starting to focus on Environmental and/or Social Impact and those of a social nature that already work on these issues daily, defining them as Social Economy companies. MATCH is a facilitating proposal to speed up the urgent transition to a greener society in which we no longer live in a context of scarce resources.

The MATCH is a safe bet for both parties: Corporates, large-scale companies with access to significant resources, an established market presence, a focus on making a profit and the potential for economic growth, gain access to a diverse range of responsible suppliers and, who knows, potential Partners who, through their know-how, will help integrate and democratize sustainable measures within their company. On the other hand, Impact Enterprises, smaller organizations with a sense of mission guided by social and environmental objectives, and not exclusively by profit, expand their reach and amplify the Impact of their work.

What are the benefits for Corporates?

It cannot be easy for a company that has never had contact with Sustainability issues to see the way forward in this integration. The MATCH platform makes it easy to connect with Impact Enterprises that, in a personalized way, will be able to meet the specific needs of a Corporate such as comply with ESG regulations, implement responsible procurement strategies, enhance CSR strategies, and help them in that mission.

The list of Impact Enterprises is always based on and supported by their reputation, which guarantees them a certain level of authority and credibility.

Suppose a Corporate has already adopted sustainability measures and wants to strengthen this dimension. In that case, it can always create a partnership with an Impact Enterprise, which will help it boost the work already done and maximize the potential for Impact in a continuous and as organic way as possible.

And what do Impact Enterprises get?

MATCH will serve as a showcase where Corporates will assess the “CV” of each Impact Enterprise and connect with the one that responds to their needs most entirely and, thus, makes the most meaningful MATCH. It will also allow their Impact potential to increase and become more widespread through meaningful partnerships that prioritize Social and Environmental Responsibility and democratize it.

To facilitate this process and ensure that both parties are aware of the entire process, opportunities, and advantages, MATCH will promote an online training program fully funded by the European Commission. The three sessions in May will clear up any doubts on the corporate side and make the whole process more straightforward and transparent.

As Casa do Impacto, we are proud to contribute as interlocutors and facilitators of the generalization and democratization of Impact. It will always be up to both parties to understand which match is perfect for them because it corresponds to their expectations and fulfills their needs, allowing the transformation to be organic and constantly evolving.

Our mission is always to make an Impact and reach everyone. We firmly believe that Impact is the answer to a more sustainable, viable, healthy, and fair future, and this will only be possible if more companies integrate measures and tools to promote it. We recognize that this transformation is urgent, but we admit that it takes time. We are here to help.

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