The three Rise for Impact’s finalists have already been selected! Discover everything here.

It’s a wrap! We end 2021 with the Rise for Impact’s Demoday. This event, which took place on December 16th, at Casa do Impacto, and brought together the 10 participating startups and several supporters, was the culmination of three months of capacity building where participants could build or improve their business model, learn the fundamentals of the management and scaling of a social business and contact with various mentors and partners.

Rise for Impact, once again, brought together impact entrepreneurs with a sense of mission and innovative proposals for solving social and environmental problems and needs, in accordance with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. As Inês Sequeira, Director of Casa do Impacto, emphasized, in each edition the growing quality of the candidate projects is remarkable.


Remember here the 10 projects that went through the training phase.


On the Demoday, the Rise for Impact jury selected the three finalists of the program – Actif, Glooma and Nevaro – who now pass to the third and final phase. The three projects will receive 1500 euros as an incubation pass prize. In April, the finalists will once again be present at a pitch session to compete for a prize pool of 6,000 euros.

The decision of the three finalists is always a difficult process and we had 5 incredible judges to help us: Inês Sequeira, Director of Casa do Impacto, Manuel Nina, co-Founder and CCO at Goparity, Inês Alexandre, Talent Activator Manager at Girl MOVE Academy, Mónica Gandarez, Commercial Director of Ubbu, and Inês Carmo, COO of Spot Games.

Actif is a startup that arises from the need to improve the quality of life of the elderly population. Its mission is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle during aging, providing an on-demand video service with physical and cognitive activities. The proposal aims to offer an accessible and easy-to-use solution specifically targeted at the target audience. For Sara Gonçalves, founder of Actif, “Rise for Impact was important to refine the business model and to validate the solution to reach potential partners, while establishing a stronger relationship with Casa do Impacto and with SCML”.

Nevaro‘s mission is to contribute to the management and therapeutics of mental health that is accessible to all and of higher quality, acting not only in terms of health, but also in terms of inequality. Its HOLI mobile application allows for self-management of mental health based on gamified strategies originating from positive psychology. For Rita Maçorano and Francisca Canais, co-Founders of Nevaro, “the program played a fundamental role in putting to the test what we had already built and changing what needed to be built again. Casa do Impacto’s network has been crucial for our growth, having created fundamental bridges for the future within the community”.

Glooma is a digital-health startup that has developed a portable, home medical screening device, SenseGlove, for the detection of breast cancer. SenseGlove is a glove with piezoelectric sensors that detects abnormalities in the texture of the breast tissue, complementing breast self-palpation, and aims to help in the early detection of breast cancer. “Rise for Impact was very important for us to see paths that we had not yet considered and for us to start defining concrete points for the future, such as looking for investment. It was equally important to get to know the health area better and gain insight into the production part to get an idea of ​​the environmental impact. Today we see much more potential in our idea than the day we arrived”, declared Frederico Stock and Francisco Nogueira, co-Founders of Glooma.


We would like to thank all the entrepreneurs who, with their project, participated in the acceleration program. Your participation and the quality of your solutions guarantee you a place in our community from now on, and we want to wish you all the best in the world of impact entrepreneurship!

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