In recent weeks, Lisbon airport has been an obligatory stop on the way to Casa do Impacto. Through our doors came students from the two portuguese archipelagos, Madeira and the Azores.

Impacto’s potential is truly transversal throughout the country and initiatives such as Startup Madeira’s Road Show for Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Missions promoted by GesEntrepreneur, which seek to showcase the best in entrepreneurship in Portugal, are the cornerstone for Impacto’s future.

As part of the Roadshow for Entrepreneurship, all the final-year students in the entrepreneurship in schools project can take part in a visit to a European capital and Lisbon was once again chosen for the way it has become home to a growing number of startups and entrepreneurship projects with a lot of potential.

The Entrepreneurial Mission from the Azores was an award given to the young people behind winning educational entrepreneurship projects.

Alunos da Ilha da Madeira na Casa do Impacto

After our welcoming tour of Casa do Impacto (which included a visit to the city’s most exclusive rooftop), it wouldn’t make sense not to have our Community represented by some of the startups that call our convent home.

Mypolis, 55+ and Youth Climate Leaders were present and, in a relaxed conversation that opened up space for debate, they presented their Impact proposals, recounted some of the pitfalls along the way and also shared the great strides they have made in this intense and ever-moving Impact Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. Once again, they proved that Impact can be achieved on several fronts, in various sectors of society and at any age. There is always room to look for solutions to social and environmental problems that change society for the better.

Over time, we have come to realize that Lisbon is becoming a bigger and bigger point on the Impact map. Impact startups are playing an increasingly important role and are becoming an intrinsic part of the current environment and reality of the capital and the country. It’s a source of pride, but also a great responsibility, to realize that Casa do Impacto is considered a mandatory stop in these contexts. Young people are thirsty for knowledge, they want to know what’s going on and how they can contribute to a more sustainable world.

When someone is looking for answers, they look through our doors to find them. Just as well, because that’s what they’re always open for.

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Alunos dos Açores na Casa do Impacto