Congratulations to Casa do Impacto! On October 1, 2021, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

Casa do Impacto is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub headquartered in the Convent of São Pedro de Alcântara, founded in October 2018 by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Social Economy of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa. It aims to accelerate the growth of an entrepreneurship ecosystem impact, supporting startups with a positive impact on society and social or environmental purposes, based on the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

Through its work, Casa do Impacto has been guided by the unique opportunity to position Lisbon as the European capital for impact. As the first city with this seal of change, Lisbon would infect all other cities in the country and on the planet.

The 3rd hub anniversary marks a year of incredible growth in the notoriety of Casa do Impacto and its community, and it is no longer possible to remain indifferent to the relevance of this House in the world of entrepreneurship! Therefore, to commemorate this particular date, Casa do Impacto will organize a big event, on October 13, in the space where this hub will be headquartered in the future.

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This event will be an opportunity to celebrate the hub’s activity, our community, and all the partners and friends who have supported us from the first moment. At the same time will serve the purpose of bringing the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem closer to the sphere of public decision-makers and investors.

On this day, in addition to the assessment and presentation of the incubator’s future vision for impact business, Social Good Summit, an event of the United Nations Foundation, will return with three impressive talks that will feature contributions from social activists and entrepreneurs institutional speakers and policymakers. These conversations will explore the themes of “Diversity and Inclusion”, “Environmental Impact and Social Justice”, and “The Social Pillar as a Driver of the Resilience Plan”. We will also have the participation of the community of Casa do Impacto for a Demoday full of presentations of startups and innovative solutions.

But an anniversary event of the Casa dos Entrepreneurs would not be the same without an excellent solidarity concert!

Stay tuned to Casa do Impacto’s social networks to find out firsthand all the information about the event’s schedule, guests, startups and which artist will join us!

Are you already excited? Recalls here our last birthday. 

More about the birthday event

When? October 13
Time? 3 pm to 9 pm
Where? Mitra – Lisbon Social, at Rua do Açúcar, Largo da Mitra 64, 1950-009 Lisbon

Provisional programming:

15:00 | Welcome | Opening by Casa do Impacto

15:15 | Social Good Summit: Diversity and Inclusion

16:00 | Social Good Summit: Environmental Impact and Social Justice

16:45 | Social Good Summit: The Social Pillar as an engine of the Resilience Plan

17:40 | Casa do Impacto Demo Day

20:00 | Solidarity Concert


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