In co-creation with the Amélia de Mello Foundation, Casa do Impacto designed an initiative that brings together young people and opportunities from the world of impact through scholarships and training at Casa do Impacto. The purpose is to motivate young adults to find solutions in four areas: agribusiness, water, education, and prevention and lifestyle. Applications are now open and can be made here on our website.

Casa do Impacto and the Amélia de Mello Foundation co-created Impact Journey. This program aims to provide young people between 18 and 30 with knowledge, tools, and funding to develop their ideas and take their first steps as impact entrepreneurs. The program includes training sessions, access to entrepreneurship grants; study visits to different entities in the national and international ecosystem, and incubation in our Hub.

Impact Journey will bring young people closer to opportunities in the impact world formed by the following phases: applications – starting in June till September, followed by a training phase of 12 projects in October. In the end, three projects will be selected to move forward in October for the incubation phase for one year at Casa do Impacto. In addition to financial support, winners will receive a free incubation period at Casa do Impacto with mentoring by a dedicated team, tickets for Web Summit 2023, and a chance to participate in an Inspiring Journey in London under the partnership with LSE Generate from the London School of Economics.

The initiative aims to find solutions that respond to societal challenges in 4 areas:

  • > Agroindustry – with activities related to raw materials and processing, the food industry, and its distribution;
  • Water – in the context of preserving natural resources, solutions are sought for reuse, reduction of water loss, efficient consumption, and rationalization;
  • > Education – in the training of new generations;
  • > Prevention and lifestyle – which seek a complete and integrated quality of life and healthy behaviors, from diagnosis and prevention to health promotion and behavioral modification.


Impact Journey will have the involvement of the companies of the José de Mello Group – Bondalti, Brisa, CUF, José de Mello Residências e Serviços, Ravasqueira, – and the Sovena Group, which includes Nutrifarms, which has many years of experience in various sectors of activity.

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