Promoting gender equality in the context of the climate crisis is one of the greatest global challenges of the century. On this International Women’s Day, the UN demands: “Gender equality today, for a sustainable tomorrow” (Gender equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow).

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United Nations Celebration of International Women’s Day , will take place in a virtual event on March 8 (from 10 am to 11:30 am UTC–5) and this year aims to recognize and honor all women and girls who are leading solutions in the response to climate change, contributing to a sustainable future.

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According to studies presented by the UN, women are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change than men, as they constitute the majority of the world’s poor and are more dependent on natural resources (threatened by climate change).

At the same time, women and girls are increasingly becoming leaders and powerful change agents in mitigating climate change. They are involved in initiatives all over the world and their participation and leadership proves more effective results .


Here you can find out more about the chronology of milestones in the fight for women’s rights in the EU !


It is necessary to continue to examine both the opportunities and the constraints that stand in the way of empowering women and girls to be increasingly active participants in decision-making. Without gender equality today, we cannot achieve a sustainable future!


Did you know that:

  • > 70% of the 1.3 billion people living in poverty are women?
  • > In urban areas, are 40% of the poorest households headed by women?
  • > Are women the biggest contributor to world food production (50-80%), but do they own the smallest percentage of land (less than 10%)?
  • > Are 80% of people displaced as a result of natural disasters resulting from climate change worldwide women and girls?
  • > Does climate change contribute to an increase in gender-based violence, the number of child marriages and a negative impact on the sexual and reproductive health of women and girls?


In 2021, at the Forum for Gender Equality ( Generation equality Forum ) , a Action by the Feminist Coalition for Climate Justice Coalition for Feminist Action for Climate Justice). This coalition action brought together governments, private sector companies, UN agencies and civil society, with the aim of making concrete commitments in relation to climate justice, such as: driving global actions and investments focused on financing climate solutions, increasing leadership of women in the green economy, build women’s and girls’ resilience to environmental impacts and disasters, and drive research on gender equality and climate.


What needs to change?

  • > Only 3% of philanthropic environmental funding supports environmental activism by women and girls
  • > Women and girls represent less than 1/3 of the total number of students enrolled in educational areas for “green” jobs
  • > Women and girls are underrepresented in advancing climate justice at all levels and sectors, from national to community planning, in the public sector, climate finance and clean energy
  • > Climate interventions fail to adequately take into account the reality of women and girls


Empower yourself by learning more about the link between “gender” and “climate action”!

The UN Climate change learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn ), a joint initiative of more than 30 organizations, offers the largest e- learning platform on climate change, with a specific focus on the needs of developing countries.

Sign up , participate according to your availability and get a certificate!


Empower yourself by learning more about inclusive language!

TOOLBOX for Inclusive Language (EN) use was designed to make the work environment for all UN staff more inclusive and promote gender equality, but is available to anyone who accesses the website. It provides Guidelines that include a series of recommendations to help use gender-inclusive language in any type of communication—oral or written, formal or informal, or addressed to an internal or external audience. It includes a Toolbox with training materials and practical application of the Guidelines , as well as information on related courses and other relevant resources.

All resources were developed as part of the project ” Supporting Gender Equality in Multilingual Contexts “, intended to support the United Nations Gender Equity Strategy. The recommendations and resources provided will be reviewed and updated to reflect new feedback, suggestions and changes in language usage.


And speaking of empowerment, today we talk about EmpowerHER the international network of organizations dedicated to the empowerment of women, which held, in December, at Casa do Impacto, a 4-day training for female Founders, focusing on female empowerment !

All programs and activities are free and available both face-to-face and virtually to girls around the world.

This organization, which originally started to work specifically with girls who have lost their mothers, many annual community-based, non-therapeutic events and a mentoring program. All programs and activities are free and available both face-to-face and virtually to girls around the world.

In addition to the events for girls and the mentoring program, it created EmpoweHER For the Girls Instagram , a private page and only for registered girls. The goal is to create a safe, fun and inspiring online community! the legacy Group is yet another program, designed to empower 19-24 year olds to bridge the gap between high school and the “real world”, and foster the next generation of empowered HER mentors.

Get involved! EmpowerHER relies on the tireless efforts of hundreds of volunteers and the support of numerous donors to further its mission and is always looking for support in all fundraising related activities and operations . Other ways to get involved are: hosting a charity event on Facebook, PopUpParty or even creating a memorial gift. Check out these and other ways to get involved here!

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