If we don’t fight for the planet, it will give up on us, too.

Applications are now open for the third edition of TRIGGERS, Casa do Impacto’s accelerator program, which aims to support solutions that respond to today’s environmental needs.

Casa do Impacto is once again looking for teams with the know-how and motivation to put into practice their innovative ideas with the potential to transform the planet positively.

We have reached a point where it is impossible to ignore the climate crisis we are experiencing. Hence, there is a need for continued programs focused on environmental sustainability. We are delighted to see many hubs and incubators investing in training entrepreneurs who can positively impact the world. That’s our motivation since the beginning: we want to build a future in which life on the planet is better for everyone. TRIGGERS serves that purpose.

It is also with great enthusiasm that we witness the concern felt by public and private sector organizations and leaders in different areas; they also feel the urgency to act actively to solve these problems. We are fortunate to have several of them as our Program Partners. Thank you again for joining us, Cascais City Council, UpComing Energies Powered by GALP, Ageas Portugal Group, EDP and 3XP Global. The value they add makes our program more complete and up-to-date, and we’d love to inspire other organizations to support this type of initiative.

If you don’t know TRIGGERS yet and we need to convince you, know that you will never feel alone throughout the process. In addition to the collaborative spirit that is felt in all the groups of teams that come together in the context of our programs, you will also be able to count on a team of experienced professionals who will be attentive to all your needs. The program guarantees training and mentoring sessions, an exchange of experiences and case studies, monitoring of the work carried out, and constant feedback from the project monitoring team. You’ll also have access to Casa do Impacto’s network of contacts, the program’s partners, and a workspace.

Several startups grew with our program. Do you already know La Virgule and Generosa, winners of the first editions? Find out who were the finalists of TRIGGERS’ first and second editions here.

If you’re one of the three finalists, you’ll receive a monthly grant of €691.70 during the training phase and, depending on your place on the podium, €5,000.00 (five thousand euros), €3,000.00 (three thousand euros) or €2,000.00 (two thousand euros) will be yours. Not bad, right?

Don’t wait. The planet won’t.

Find out more here and apply here.

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