The International Zero Waste Day highlights the need for more sustainable production and consumption patterns. In addition, we highlight the startups that, at Casa do Impacto, promote solutions that work for a more sustainable planet.

The shift to a circular economy model inspired by natural ecosystems is fundamental and urgent!

This economic model, antagonistic to the linear one, is based on the reduction, reuse, recovery and recycling of products, materials and resources – which gain increased value and use.

This change is fundamental, as the waste sector contributes significantly to the triple planetary crisis: climate change, biodiversity loss and increased pollution!


Fact-check by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program): 

  • > About 11.2 billion tons of solid waste are generated annually globally!
  • > About 931 million tons of food are wasted annually!
  • > By 2040, about 37 million tons of plastic waste is expected to enter the oceans!


The International Day of Zero Waste calls attention to the fulfillment of SDG 12, intending to achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources and reduction of food waste per capita worldwide by 2040.


A goal that is fulfilled daily here at Casa do Impacto by the hands of a community of impact startups, which we make known to you here:


Circular Economy Portugal (CEP)

“We believe that only systemic thinking can trigger a paradigm shift”.

CEP promotes the transition to a circular economy in Portugal, developing training actions and projects in reuse and repair. It helps promote a society without waste, using social innovation, collaborative effort and translating circular economy principles into concrete solutions.

It aims to be a dynamic hub for promoting the circular economy in Portugal, supporting and inspiring the business community, government bodies and civil society.


Kitchen Dates

This food literacy project helps people and organizations to adopt more sustainable practices with less environmental impact. They develop initiatives linked to training and education, promoting events and supporting other projects through consultancy.

It has an assumed mission: to create a more conscious, healthy and sustainable world using food as a tool for change.

It was a pioneer in 2019, opening the first restaurant without a dustbin in Portugal, the only one in the world to add to this commitment the exclusive use of locally sourced products, proving that a kitchen without waste, 100% local and with a direct relationship, is possible with all producers.


La Virgule

Winner of the last edition of our Acceleration program – Triggers – this project aims to make the world of sport and the outdoors a circular reality, transforming end-of-life sports equipment (which would typically be incinerated) into backpacks and bags and bicycles.

Continuing to enjoy nature, and reducing the negative impact, was the starting point of four sportsmen, adventurers and lovers of the outdoors when they imagined this upcycling model, which, unlike recycling, requires very little energy.


Matterpieces by Studio8

This project, a finalist in the last edition of our Acceleration program – Triggers – transforms demolition and construction waste into quality, unique, personalized cladding materials.

Studio8’s team of architects looked at the waste resulting from the demolition of works, which ended up in landfills, and proposed to change the paradigm.

Studio8 intends to offer this upcycling model (an innovative construction material) and the involvement of various stakeholders (construction companies, architects, engineers, factories, etc.) around the same objective: a model circular construction.


Did you know the new edition of Triggers already has the cohort rolling? Follow the selected projects and challenge yourself! Then, stay tuned for the date of the next edition and compete.


PENYLON™ by Circular Ocean

Selected for financial support in the 3rd edition of the +PLUS Fund, this project aims to close the loop towards a greener future through collaboration with coastal communities.

PENYLON™ is a recycled material with history and impact, made from fully traceable recycled fishing nets, resulting in a 92% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to virgin plastic production.

Circular Ocean is a project Ocean tech Hub Lda (OCT) developed under its Peniche Ocean initiative Watch to create a blue circular economy pilot model to empower coastal communities through digital entrepreneurship opportunities.

It was born out of the need to solve the coastal plastic problem in the coastal city of Peniche – one of Portugal’s largest active fishing ports – where gillnet fishing is the second largest in operation (it uses about 40,000 kg of fishing nets per year). These nets are used only once, and most of them are lost or dumped at sea or in the port, where they are later taken to landfills or incinerators.


The Equal Food Co.

This startup Its main objective is to fight food waste, generating value. It works with local producers and companies to redirect products destined for trash to new markets, building a more sustainable food chain without surpluses.

A large portion of food waste directly results from market beauty standards. A crooked pear, a blemished avocado, or an unripe lemon are not considered “pretty enough” and often end up in landfills.

In 2019, he began challenging the food system’s status quo, settling in Lisbon (in Casa do Impacto) to find a solution. This process offered a sustainable, healthy and convenient solution: a weekly basket of fresh and imperfect products from regional farmers delivered directly to the door.

Last year, they expanded their delivery offer from Lisbon to Porto. In addition, they plan to expand to other cities in Portugal and beyond, always focusing on sustainable growth and in line with their values.


BTW: a fundamental requirement to join the Casa do Impacto community (in any of the axes) is to present a solution that promotes the fulfillment of one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. LEARN+here!

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