We are very proud to see that our Community is increasingly gender diverse. The women in our Community now represent around 50% of Casa do Impacto’s Founders, Co-Founders, CEOs, and Directors at Impacto.

This reality is still an exception and boils down to little more than the Impact of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. Just take the Social Economy out of the equation, and the figures are once again scaremongering.

We try to do our part as Casa do Impacto, and we take on the responsibility of ensuring gender representativeness in any context and circumstance; in all the panels and cohorts we are responsible for and in every decision, we make a point of having women and men, give their input.

We believe that representativeness is also about giving a voice to those with something to say, regardless of gender. So, as a way of celebrating this day, we are counting on the voices of many of the women who work to make the world a better and ever more representative place. Founder and Director of Casa do Impacto, Inês Sequeira, is keen to put hers to good use: As a Woman at the head of an Innovation Hub like Casa do Impacto, which looks to a future in which Sustainable Development Goals are being fulfilled systemically, I feel an enormous responsibility to ensure that we don’t fall into the same cycle of hardship that my generation and all those before have suffered. Only a generational commitment can drive the necessary change. Gender equality is an urgent fight that begins at home. At ours, we ensure that the way is clear for any woman to seize opportunities often not given to them directly. We must give everyone a voice so that we can continue to build a (near) future in which this day won’t be necessary.”

See what our Women have to say, find out how they give their face to the Ecosystem, and how they wear the Impact Entrepreneurship jersey: 

  • > Anabell Mora Acevedo – Co-Founder The Equivalence: “As women, we have experienced global challenges like no one else because, more often than not, we have benefited little from them. Still, today, more than at any other time in history, we have decided to take these complexities and turn them into motivation to be protagonists and creators of the structural solutions that tackle these challenges. We are determined to continue gaining ground and taking action to guarantee the Wellbeing and development we deserve as half of the world’s population.” 
  • > Cristina da Mota Capitão – Co-Founder Generosa: “I believe that women have a fundamental role in building a more sustainable and inclusive world and that female leadership is essential to promote impactful change.” 
  • > Elena Parras Dúran, Founder e CEO da 55+: “Although there have been significant advances in gender equality, women still face challenges in several areas; more representation, pay equity, and equal access to opportunities remain some important goals.
    In the social economy, more and more women are leading initiatives that drive change to improve communities and the world. We hope this spotlight will inspire a broader transformation in society. It is essential to promote a world where all talents, regardless of any bias (gender or age), are valued and recognized.” 
  • > Filipa Pinto Coelho, Executive President Café Joyeux Portugal: “Women are people who easily speak from the heart, manage from the heart, and reach the hearts of those around them. The passion that characterizes us, the insight into life, obstacles, and the solutions to overcome them, transform management into an act of Love, which has the power to transform. And what is Entrepreneurship if not this?”
  • > Francisca Canais e Rita Maçorano – Co-Founders Nevaro: “At Nevaro, a startup founded by two female Entrepreneurs, we unfortunately felt the stigma towards women in leadership positions. However, we have done our best to demystify this issue at events and talks and in our own work. As we know scientifically, gender influences our predisposition and aptitude for specific tasks and certain personality types. Still, in Entrepreneurship, we believe the key to success is diversity – teams with different backgrounds and mindsets and gender equality!” 
  • > Joana D’Orey Santiago – Presidente Semear: “Women are usually concerned about the Wellbeing of future generations and aim for sustainable solutions that create a positive long-term Impact. They play a key role in the Social Economy by managing the needs and concerns of marginalized communities inclusively by applying the sensitivity and natural collaborative skills that characterize them.”
  • > Júlia Gonçalves – Founder AQUAINN: “The constant development of the world of work and the social spectrum has shown us that women’s so-called “vulnerabilities” have turned out to be valuable qualities in the professional world – whether in managing relationships with colleagues, leading teams, or defining market strategies. Women bring a more holistic, sensitive, and empathetic vision. These characteristics, considered typical of the female gender, contribute to balancing the needs of people, teams, and, consequently, sectors, which demonstrates the role played by the social economy. In the case of Entrepreneurship, the emotional charge of the mission we have and with which we take a project forward is the strength of our resilience. And that our achievements are reflected in profits and social, behavioral, and environmental changes – depending on our focus – that we influence in the community we build. This new perception of vulnerability in strength brings hope and lightness to future generations. All of us, women and men, can be whatever we want to be.”
  • > Jwana Godinho – Co-Founder AccessLab: “The key to empowering women is not that complicated. If you prioritize learning from women, purchasing from women, mentoring women, seeking mentorship from women, investing in women, and sponsoring women, you are already doing a good job of promoting equity. But now stop, go back, and do it all over again and again and again.” 
  • > Leonor Serzedelo e Inês Schmidt, Co-Founders Idades: “Une-Idades aims to respond to two social problems: the loneliness and social isolation of the elderly and the lack of accommodation for university students.
    By bringing these two generations together in a single house and under female coordination and sensitivity, the initiative aims to provide an enriching coexistence for both, ensuring care in the selection and continuous monitoring of these pairs over time.
    Une-Idades, using today’s technological tools, aims to revive the pillars of life in society in the past, which are human relationships and, among them, intergenerational relationships.” 
  • > Maria Inês Antunes – Co-Founder Kitchen Dates: “Gender equality is closely linked to the progress of Social Entrepreneurship in that it fosters it simultaneously as it depends on it. Without gender equality, it is not possible to talk about Social Impact.”
  • > Maria Santos – Founder and CEO 2Gether: “Today, we celebrate what we did for the other 365 days. United and proactive, we don’t wait for seats at the table; we shape a fair and inclusive society for the future.” 
  • > Olivia Page – Co-Founder Mykor: “Even with all the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, I am immensely proud of where we have come with Mykor. Women in the construction industry must continue to bring change so that this area becomes more and more diverse.”
  • > Onė Maldžiūnaitė – Co-Founder TAIP: “Women are the creators. Of LIFE, of community, of positive change.”
  • > Sara Gonçalves – Founder and CEO Actif: “Women offer unique perspectives on real-world challenges, but diversity in all its forms is crucial. Every one of us is key to solving major social challenges, and achieving this requires full representation.”
  • > Susana Coerver – Co-Founder Kindology: “Although we represent a significant proportion in Economics and Management courses, and women often excel in academic performance, surprisingly, they don’t reach 30% of occupancy in leadership positions in Portuguese companies, and the female presence in Entrepreneurship remains remarkably low. Studies also refer to the “motherhood penalty,” which accentuates inequalities, with mothers facing a 20% reduction in the likelihood of promotion. This scenario calls for deep reflection and immediate action to challenge stereotypes, eliminate prejudices, and create equitable opportunities. Diversity is the key to a truly inclusive professional and business future. And some still ask me if it’s necessary to keep talking about this topic of women.”

These are just some of the women we have the privilege of meeting. They have something to say, defend causes, and believe in the power of equity. They fight every day for a more representative and fairer future, where we all have a place, regardless of what gender we identify with.

These are just some of the women we have the privilege of meeting. Like them, so many others have a tangible Impact on the lives of each of us and the world.

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