In Portugal, it is often said that those who wait always achieves, and for more than twelve months, Goparity had been waiting for the license from the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM) that would allow them to promote projects in any country in the European Union without any limitations.

The wait is over, and following the approval of the new European Crowdfunding Regulation, which defined the rules for all member countries and leveled the playing field for all European platforms, Goparity has been able to expand and reach more and more territories, keeping alive their mission to democratize sustainable collaborative financing.

However, based on these figures, the potential for expansion was enormous, with results expected to be much higher than those achieved with the public offers in Portugal and Canada, the only territories licensed until this year.

With this goal achieved, Nuno Brito Jorge, CEO and co-founder of Goparity, promises nothing less than leadership in Impact crowdfunding. “After several months of uncertainty and persistence, we have finally obtained the passport that allows us to grow without limitations. The Portuguese government’s delay reduced our business plan by around 12 months, but the license allowed us to return to our ambitious goals this year. We want to be European leaders in Impact crowdfunding and play an active role in democratizing sustainable Investment, making it accessible to all people and companies. Growth in Spain is one of the priorities for 2024; we want to have a local team and attract new investors and projects there”.

Goparity was born in 2017, and in almost seven years, they have already raised 33 million euros in funding from around 360 projects and invested in more than 15,000 individual investors and companies. In 2023, they achieved growth of 2.8 million euros compared to the 10 million euros invested in the previous year, with December being the best month ever, with more than 1.5 million euros invested. The projects financed through the platform have already positively impacted around 89,000 people, created almost 5,000 jobs, and helped prevent 25,000 tons of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere each year.

With the expansion to the other member states of the European Union, people can only try to determine the precise results and numbers they hold for the future. We can, however, continue to believe in the impact potential of this project, as we have done from the very beginning, even before they won the first edition of our +PLUS Fund financing program, in which, through the results obtained, they have always proven to be an investment worth making, the truly Sustainable Investment.

“It’s pretty symbolic that we received the European Crowdlending license – which allows us to operate freely throughout Europe – in the same month we delivered the final report to Casa do Impacto regarding the +PLUS fund. We will do our best to scale Goparity’s mission and impact by taking our sustainable finance model to neighboring countries.”

                                                    – Nuno Brito Jorge


Those who wait always achieves, the European market doesn’t need to wait anymore!

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