Encontros com Impacto (Meetings with Impact) is the result of a partnership between Shifter and Casa do Impacto. During this year you can attend 6 events, divided into 2 seasons, in one of the best spaces in Lisbon – the Convento de São Pedro de Alcântara.

Shifter , a community magazine for reflection and criticism, arrived at Casa do Impacto to bring a cycle of conferences on topics such as mental health, work challenges, artificial intelligence, among other hot topics of the moment. The first meeting, about “Cities of the Future”, takes place on April 21st, you can’t miss it!

Grab your free ticket here.

During 2022, it will be possible to attend six events with different themes divided into two seasons: the first about the future and the second about the present. The objective of these meetings is to deal with complex issues in a close, simple and inclusive way, in a relaxed atmosphere (and with beer in the mix!). All conversations will be shared in podcast format later.

For João Gabriel Ribeiro, editor of Shifter , “it is a unique opportunity for us to create in a space as accessible and open as Casa do Impacto unique moments, which end up being the culmination of many years of work around the great themes of the moment. . It is a way not only to make the reflections that worry us reach more people, but also to humanize and socialize these problems, getting to know each other and better understanding the wishes and needs of those involved”.

The first conversation about “Cities of the Future” is scheduled for April 21 at 18:00, at Casa do Impacto, and will be attended by Rosa Félix, researcher in active mobility , Mário Alves, consultant in the area of urban mobility , and Bruna Pizzol , a mobility specialist interested in transport-related inequalities. The session will be preceded by an exclusive video interview with Carlos Moreno, author of the “15-minute city” concept.

You can find all the information about the “Meetings with Impact” on the cycle’s website and grab your ticket for the first event, on the 21st of April, here. We count on you!

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