They knocked on our door, and we opened it! Learn more about the 4 new projects integrated into our incubation program at Casa do Impacto/ Convento de São Pedro de Alcântara.

Did you know that the call for incubation at Casa do Impacto is permanently open?

We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs who promote innovative solutions to solving social and environmental problems and needs under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Our Incubation program offers two modalities: physical incubation and virtual incubation, which give you access, respectively, to a physical space in the co-work space or to join the community from wherever you are, among several other perks. Do you want to know more? Click here.

In March, we welcomed 4 new resident projects:

– #SeaTheFuture

– Cucunver Bank

_ Teach For Portugal

_ Joplins

#SeaTheFuture is a spinoff of Oceanário de Lisboa. It aims to become the global platform of reference in offering inspirational content, literacy, and even specific tools so that all people can be active agents in preserving our oceans through informed and transparent contributions to local conservation projects.

Cucunver Bank is a startup of Spanish origin, that aims to create a neobank to facilitate non-profit organizations’ operations.

Joplins is a brand of fair-trade sunglasses, and they are the perfect combination of protection, style, versatility, and sustainability. They started with a small production of bamboo sunglasses. Today, they already have 4 different collections made by hand (bamboo, cotton, and wood and bio acetate sunglasses), with more than 30 other models, both for men and women.

Teach for Portugal is a non-profit organization that belongs to the international network Teach For All. It aims to reduce educational inequality and provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, putting them on a path of options that will impact their lives in the short term and their choices for the future.

Welcome to the most prominent impact community in the country!

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