Casa do Impacto and Cascais City Council hosted a gathering in the picturesque village of Cascais to celebrate Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

In this edition of Triggers, we had, for the first time, a local municipality supporting the program, the Municipality of Cascais.

The Municipality of Cascais is known for its continuous concern for the environment and the regular promotion of actions that seek to solve sustainability-related problems. Due to the nature of its area of action, rich in differentiated scenarios from forest land to the well-known beaches of the Cascais line, the Municipality recognizes the importance and urgency of developing solutions that educate and promote good practices concerning the environment and climate. The synergy between CMC and Casa do Impacto in the context of Triggers is very organic and meaningful. To celebrate it, Councillor Joana Pinto Balsemão invited Casa do Impacto to participate in a gathering yesterday, July 19, at Casa de Santa Maria in Cascais.

In a close and informal register, the environmental plan of the Municipality of Cascais was made known to those present, entrepreneurs in the area of ecological sustainability and participants of Triggers and other programs of Casa do Impacto and the Municipality. During rounds of speed dating and Q&As, a space dedicated to networking was created to exchange ideas on the subject. We thus celebrated this partnership born in the context of Triggers, a program that ended in an open session on July 20.

Thank you to the Municipality of Cascais for the partnership and accompaniment throughout this edition. Our hands will remain joined for a future that is always, and increasingly, sustainable.

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Triggers, foto de grupo em Cascais