We could only inaugurate another edition of TRIGGERS, Casa do Impacto’s training program focused on Environmental Solutions, with a buzz.

We kicked off the third edition at an event promoted jointly with the Câmara Municipal de Cascais at DNA Cascais, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Commerce. The Vice-President, Dr Nuno Piteira Lopes, and the Municipal Director of Environment and Sustainability, Luis Almeida Capão, welcomed us. Mrs. Ana Jorge, Director of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, celebrated this meaningful Partnership with us, which continues to chart a shared, fruitful future for both organizations.

This launch would have made no sense without the presence of the twenty-five selected Entrepreneur Teams who trusted us and applied for this edition. The event was also a chance for the entrepreneurs to get to know each other, which made it easier to network over the following days in the context of the Bootcamp.

After our Founder and Director, Inês Sequeira, gave a brief presentation of Casa do Impacto and this program, which, year after year, continues to empower Entrepreneurs and develop innovative solutions (we never tire of celebrating this), we invited some very important people to take the stage. Just as we are dedicated to measuring our Impact and analyzing the success of our initiatives, this Partnership we have built with Câmara Municipal de Cascais finds a reason to keep working on the success of our joint projects.

On this day, it made perfect sense to have three innovative Projects that unite us in one way or another and have the seal of approval of Casa do Impacto and Câmara Municipal de Cascais:

  • > Café Joyeux Cascais | Joyeux Cascais: presented by Executive Director Filipa Pinto Coelho, Café Joyeux already has four establishments open in Portugal, one of which is located in Cascais Marina and supported by Casa do Impacto through the +PLUS Fund.
  • > Circular Foods: presented by Founder José Maria Morais Sarmento, a native of Cascais. Circular Foods won the Impact Journey Programme, the result of a partnership between Casa do Impacto and the Amélia de Mello Foundation and the support of José de Mello and Sovena Groups. Circular Foods also won the Cascais Ideas and Business Competition promoted by DNA Cascais;
  • > Generosa: presented by Co-Founder Maria do Rosário Sommer, still one of the holders, along with the project’s Co-Founder Cristina Mota-Capitão, of the first place winner’s belt from the last edition of TRIGGERS, which they will give to another project in this new edition.

It’s a great source of pride to be part of their journeys and a constant source of inspiration to listen to them and watch their steps towards Environmental and Social Sustainability. We’re sure that more innovative projects will enter the list in a year. It remains to be seen which ones…

Many thanks to Câmara Municipal de Cascais for welcoming us on our journey together, not just in TRIGGERS but in life. If the program’s kick-off is representative of the success of this edition, then we’d venture to say that we won’t be disappointed.

Next step, Bootcamp (see next blogpost)! The potential of this group is huge!

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