Already more children can go to school on bicycle trains. The new CicloExpresso line takes place in Loures, in partnership with Sta. Iria de Azóia, S. João da Talha and Bobadela (the local Councils Unity) and also the Grouping of Schools of Bobadela. Registration is open to the entire school community!

CicloExpresso is a school mobility project financially supported by the 2nd edition of the +PLUS Fund, Investment Program for Impact, of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

On the 16th of March, another bicycle train was inaugurated, this time in partnership with the Sta. Iria de Azóia, S. João da Talha and Bobadela (the local Councils Unity) and also the Grouping of Schools of Bobadela.

Just like a “regular” train, a bicycle train has a defined route and schedule and any child can use it as a way to travel to school in a safe, sustainable, healthy and fun way. At the same time, these bicycle trains enable children to get to know the environment around them and the community in which they live, stimulating individual and group autonomy and motor and sensory skills.

Registration, for the entire school community, is already underway! Children can sign up, but also parents and volunteer teachers to support the management of this line!

For now, it is the children who attend the Bobadela Grouping School, who will have the opportunity to make the home-school route using the bicycle, but depending on the success achieved, the intention is to expand CicloExpresso to the other schools in the area.
CicloExpresso first started in Lisbon and today is a school mobility program promoted by the Lisbon City Council. With great dynamism and growth since its implementation, it has been expanding nationally, with recognition of this practice of school mobility as a necessity that helps children to grow in various perspectives — mobility, environment, sport and health.

For Luís Vieira, responsible for managing the bicycle trains operated by Bicicultura, the creation of this new CicloExpresso “is an unequivocal bet that the town is making for the future of children and their autonomous and sustainable mobility. They are the ones who will play a fundamental role in the adoption of the bicycle as a means of transport and this project gives them the necessary tools to start today, in a safe and fun way”.


The +PLUS Fund is a funding instrument endowed with 500,000€ per year, which supports the implementation or expansion of innovative solutions with social and/or environmental impact. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030, +PLUS allows entrepreneurs, startups, and social organizations to test or increase the impact of their innovative solutions. According to their maturity degree, solutions must fit into one of the +PLUS dimensions: Testing for solutions in the initial implementation stage and with a high impact potential or Scaling for solutions already implemented and with proven impact results.

Bicicultura, a non-profit cooperative founded in 2019, is a promotion, development & innovation center for active mobility. It has been dedicated to promoting, through socio-cultural and other interventions, the use of bicycles for transport, work, leisure and therapy, in all segments of the population, for people’s well-being and sustainable development. In addition to Bicycle Trains, it promotes projects such as Ignição a Pedal – Negócios com Pedalada, to support the creation of their businesses, and Parqs, which focuses on adapting public spaces to provide more opportunities for people to enjoy themselves, for example reconverting car parking spaces into parklets with pleasant street furniture and green elements.

Liliana Madureira:
CicloExpresso de UFSSB – Bobadela:
Bicicultura, C.R.L.

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Crianças a andar de bicicleta