Casa do Impacto has partnered with Startup Lisboa and Unicorn Factory to manage the new Entrepreneurship Awards category, “The Most Impactful Startup Award”, focused on the Impact Entrepreneurship ecosystem.


The João Vasconcelos Award – Entrepreneur of the Year was created in 2019 as a way of promoting the spirit of initiative, fostering and promoting innovation and valuing entrepreneurs according to their business potential and leadership profile, also paying tribute to the role of João Vasconcelos, the first executive director of Startup Lisboa.

It evolved organically, and today, the initiative promoted by Startup Lisboa and Unicorn Factory Lisboa is called the Entrepreneurship Awards. Its main objective is to promote and celebrate the entrepreneurship ecosystem as a whole, recognizing the work and consequent achievements of startups and entrepreneurs across the country.

This year sees the launch of a new category in partnership with Casa do Impacto of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa: “The Most Impactful Startup Award“, which joins: “The Most Promising Startup”, “Youth Entrepreneurship Award”, “Ecosystem Award”, “Best Pitch João Vasconcelos Award” and “João Vasconcelos Award”.

“The Most Impactful Startup Award” category aims to reward the impact startup in Portugal that differentiates itself and innovates in the way it solves a social, environmental or other challenge in the market.

If the work your Impact startup is doing fits these criteria and you think it should be recognized for it, apply at The Most Impactful Startup – Application Forms. If, on the other hand, you know of another Impact startup whose work stands out in the ecosystem and seeks to meet these challenges, nominate it at The Most Impactful Startup – Nominations.

We want to promote the fellowship and synergies in which the Impact Entrepreneurship ecosystem has so much potential!

Applications and nominations must be submitted using the forms available on the Entrepreneurship Awards page or the Casa do Impacto, website, as well as the Regulation.

The category’s big winner will receive €2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred euros), and will be announced on September 21 at a public jury session that will take place between 2 pm and 7:30 pm.

The OPEN CALL for nominations will be open from August 24, 2023, until September 3, 2023, Apply here.

The OPEN CALL for applications will be open from August 24, 2023, until September 7, 2023, Apply here.

Let’s give recognition to Impact Entrepreneurship!

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Entrepreneurship Awards 2023