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We will give a PUSH to your impact solutions! Together with the European Union we are looking for impact-oriented entrepreneurs in strong alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The PUSH program aims to enhance the quality of early-stage impact solutions and foster the development of startups, products, and services already existing in this pan-European network. In this joint initiative by Casa do Impacto and the European Union, through the Innonexus Consortium, there will be space for the development of activities in two different areas: Environmental Impact and Climate Action and Social and Health Impact. The participants should be in the early stage, and in teams with up to two elements, Portuguese, or foreigners.

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>> Exchange experience for the four winners (two for each cohort). To take place in the months of June or July of 2024.

>> Visit to a relevant place in the pan-european impact ecosystem

>> The four winners will have access to the Shaping the World event, in the third trimester of 2024, where they will have the opportunity to pitch their innovations.

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>> Access to mentorship and the support of professionals from different areas

>> Direct contact with institutions within the pan-european impact ecosystem

>> Opportunity of exposure to investors and potential clients

>> To be integrated in an impact community with an enormous sense of mission

>> Networking opportunities and personal development

>> Incubation at Casa do Impacto


Environmental Impact and Climate Cohort
>> Applications: From January 15 to February 25
>> Boot Camp: March 11 to March 26
>> Demoday: April 2

Social and Health Impact Cohort
>> Applications: April 2 to April 28
>> Boot Camp: May 13 to May 29
>> Demoday: 31 May


PUSH is a network to empower ambitious entrepreneurs on their first steps for the betterment of society. With PUSH we want to:

  • > Build critical mass within the pan-European network;
  • > Improve the quality of projects and level them to enter acceleration programs and tools ahead;
  • > Create a common language, working process, and platform within the network;
  • > Enhance an impact-driven network;
  • > Create an asynchronous, wiki, and mentoring-based model.

During a 10-day boot camp, you will explore and understand social/environmental problems (what, whom, how, and why); get to know the stakeholders (who & how); understand how to validate the Problem (Data and deliverables); and how to validate your solutions (Prototypes & pilots); Winners of the program will have the chance to participate in exchange and Ecosystem visits within the pan-European network.

This program is dedicated to early-stage impact startups that are actively working to address environmental and social problems. We’ll have two (2) cohorts: one for startups committed to developing new solutions on sustainability and climate action and the other for startups addressing social problems.

– P: Propel your impact venture forward with targeted support and resources.
– U: Unleash the full potential of your entrepreneurial vision for maximum positive impact.
S: Scale your impact by gaining access to networks, mentors, and opportunities.
– H: Harness the power of innovation and collaboration to drive meaningful change.

We welcome startups developing innovative solutions for environmental and social challenges, including ventures working on renewable energy, clean technology, waste reduction, affordable healthcare, education, the elderly, social justice, and various other topics linked to improving our planet and society.

We are open to applications from early-stage startups, ranging from ideation to those with a minimum viable product (MVP) or early traction. We understand that impactful solutions often start small and grow over time, and we aim to support startups at various stages of their journey.

By joining this program, you can access resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities tailored to the unique needs of impact-driven startups. We aim to help you accelerate your growth and maximize your positive impact on the environment and society.

All applications should register up to 2 members.

Yes, but only if you are in the early stage of development and you don’t surpass 24 months of activity.

No, the bootcamp of PUSH is hybrid: online and in person. At least one of the team members will have to, obligatorily, be present in these sessions.

Yes! We are looking for young graduates and highly motivated entrepreneurs who want to develop their impact projects.

Yes. We want ideas that offer solutions compromised with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The application deadline for this cohort runs between December 2023 and January 2024. Dates to be announced soon.

The application deadline for this cohort runs between March 2024 and May 2024. Dates to be announced soon.

The results will be shared in the site and social media of Casa do Impacto. All direct communication with the participants will be made by email from this account: casadoimpacto@scml.pt.

Through the application form and after the careful reading of the Participation Rules. Any questions feel free to reach out to our team at: casadoimpacto@scml.pt