For five years, we’ve invested in new projects that solve social problems through RISE for Impact.

One of the reasons we continue with the program and are even keener to make it happen is the growing interest from more and more entrepreneurs who, in one way or another, come to Casa do Impacto.

This year, we had more than seventy applications, twenty-eight of which met all the eligibility criteria for the Bootcamp.

At the beginning of November, entrepreneurs from all over the country traveled to Lisbon to participate in an intense two-day bootcamp in which they fought for ten places in RISE’s Capacity Building phase.

The Bootcamp programme was the full responsibility of Casa do Impacto, and we tried to evolve and respond to the real needs of this edition’s participants and the current Impact Entrepreneurship Ecosystem while considering the four previous editions.

We didn’t do it alone, and we relied on the support and contribution of the community members, some of whom were RISE alumni.

It’s exciting to see how Impacto works in this collaborative way, which fights against the idea of “competition.” Established entrepreneurs in the market use their example to contribute to the evolution of others who arrive later, often entirely of expectations and with little knowledge of how things work in the ecosystem. The guidance and advice from those who have already been through can be beneficial.

We had several entrepreneurs with entirely different projects, focussed on diverse areas, who shared some of their know-how. Thank you to Miguel Munõz Duarte(NoCode Institute), Francisco Miranda (Spotgames), Iara Martins (Goparity), André Dias and Luís Vieira (Sempre a Rodar), Bernardo Branco, Ilpo Lalli and Cristian Briceag (MyPolis), Olivia Page and Inês Marques (Mykor), Carolina Bentley (Net Zero Insights).

Miguel Teixeira from Idea Ninja was one of the speakers during the Bootcamp, and, as we have become accustomed to, he will be a constant presence in accompanying the ten projects that have moved on to the Capacity Building phase.

When we build our jury panels, we always use Casa do Impacto’s vast network to have representatives from different projects in-house, but also external partners who bring engaging and differentiated inputs to their opinions and evaluations. The Ageas Portugal Foundation was represented by Rita Damasceno and Imatch by Tomás Archer, André Moreira was there as a member of 55+, and João Henrique Costa represented Kindology. Nuno Comando and Inês Sequeira from Casa do Impacto completed the judging panel.

After access to various sessions dedicated to topics that are essential for the development of the projects, such as Introduction to the Impact Economy, Problem Design, Value Proposition, Theory of Change, Solution, Impact Communication, practical exercises to apply knowledge adapted to each project, 1:1 mentoring with our in-house entrepreneurs and informal moments to share impact stories with entrepreneurs who are leading successful projects, the candidates had to present their 3-minute pitch and prove the growth potential of their projects.

It was very inspiring to see the passion that everyone showed when defending their projects.

Congratulations to everyone who took on the challenge of participating in the Bootcamp! It may have helped you look at the project from several different perspectives and thus contribute to its evolution.

Get to know a bit about the ten projects that are currently in the Capacity Building phase!

  • > Become a Longevity Creator (BLC) will be an application to help people increase their healthy lifespan through various data; 
  • > Hiper Retail is an independent shopping center that anonymizes suppliers (wholesalers), integrates logistics with Torrestir (free deliveries) with payments via Stripe’s API;
  • >Nulla wants to promote food literacy and awareness by offering users an intuitive platform to explore various foods.
  • > Peggada wants to create a community that actively contributes to a better world through responsible consumption and awareness of sustainable development through a platform that connects sustainable businesses with consumers looking for a life made up of more conscious choices;
  • > Queer Lisbon Tour aims to connect tourists/outsiders with the local LGBTQIA+ community through Walking Tours of Lisbon;
  • > Taip wants to create sustainable previous clothing for people with urinary incontinence.
  • > The Equivalence presents itself as a platform for migrants or people planning to migrate, which collects all the personal and professional experience that the user wants to share and generates an “equivalent profile” in the country to which they have emigrated or are interested in relocating, matching the experience in the country of origin to that of the land of arrival.
  • > UNE.IDADES is committed to connecting seniors who live alone with university students looking for affordable and safe accommodation options through a home-sharing service;
  • > Villa tails IAA wants to promote animal-assisted interventions by working in different areas, such as education and physical and mental health;
  • > We Cheffes is a catering service that combines gastronomic and social innovation and includes women entrepreneurs with various backgrounds and histories;

These ten teams are currently participating in weekly training sessions at Casa do Impacto, in which they can develop their idea or project along various axes. You might bump into them around Casa do Impacto these days!

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