After several months of work with Casa do Impacto, “Escola Oficina”, a professional development project, is the winner of the fourth edition of the RISE for Impact acceleration program. In second place finished “Sempre a Rodar”, a bicycle exchange platform, and in third place ended “Kindology”, a well-being solution focused on mental health for companies.

Escola Oficina is a professional capacitation project in the areas of weaving and cardboard. It focuses on creating bridges to employment by training unemployed people based on the principles of circular economy and environmental sustainability. The project has already been implemented for several years and depends on Gaiurb, a municipal public office in Vila Nova de Gaia, covering thousands of beneficiaries. At RISE they worked on their plan for growth, replication, and sustainability.

In second place in the RISE program was Semper a Rodar, a bicycle exchange platform for children and young people. Children grow, but bicycles do not keep up with their growth, which is why this startup guarantees the exchange of bicycles every year and a half or two years, with a revision carried out and a guarantee.

Kindology, on the other hand, is a corporate well-being solution focused on mental health, which seeks to implement the Robin Hood model whereby companies will be paying for psychology sessions for employees. Their great motivation is to create a world where mental health care is accessible to everyone.

The culmination of the fourth edition of RISE, which began in September 2022, took place in a final pitch session where the winners were decided, and a prize of three thousand euros was awarded for the first place, two thousand euros for the second and one thousand euros for the third.

Some of the winners of past editions of RISE for Impact are Skoola, an Urban Music Academy within the Village Underground space, where learning music does not follow conventional rules or models and where young people can be themselves and discover their musical potential – its artistic identity; Ambigular, which develops Storytelling Workshops with marginalized communities, which result in public events, magazines, and printed or digital books, videos, and exhibitions; Glooma, which developed a device for domestic breast cancer screening; SPOT GAMES, which develops games that support teachers in teaching the curriculum in the classroom, among others. 

The next edition of RISE for Impact will be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the news!

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