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This time, Casa do Impacto’s new capacity-building program, promoted jointly with the European Union through the Shaping The World by Innovation Nexus consortium, is on hold until February 18.

Suppose you have a startup in Environmental Impact and Climate Action or Social Impact and Health in its early stages, and your goals align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. In that case, the PUSH program is for you.

We will promote 2 Cohorts, and during ten intensive days of Bootcamp, you will be able to have access to mentoring and support from professionals from different areas, direct contact with pan-European impact institutions, opportunities for exposure to investors and potential clients, integration into a community of impact with a massive sense of mission, a chance to put networking and incubation into practice at Casa do Impacto. At the end of the program, all participants should be able to enter and participate in accelerator programs, thus continuing to develop and improve their solutions.

If your team is one of the four winners, you will be able to continue acquiring valuable tools during a visit to a location within the pan-European network that is very relevant to the Impact Ecosystem and apply all the knowledge gained in an exchange experience, as well as at the Shaping The World event, where, in the last quarter of 2024, you will have the chance to present your innovations in a pitch.

As promoters of accelerator programs, we recognize that our level of demand in each edition is getting higher and higher. The work that the teams of Entrepreneurs have already done when they come to us through applications to our programs has been increasing and has become a pertinent calling card to consider when choosing the projects we want to capacitate. We can confidently say that taking part in a boot camp like PUSH and being able to apply the tools acquired in that context can open many doors.

By joining the European Union through the Shaping The World by Innovation Nexus consortium, we believe these doors will multiply and become bigger and bigger. We are fully embracing the Pan-European Impact Ecosystem and promoting together, as it should be, a better society, the Impact Society.

Give your ideas a PUSH and apply here for the first Cohort for solutions linked to Environmental Impact and Climate Action

You have until February 18.

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