Today, January 24, 2022, UN celebrates Education Day in an online event. Several debates will focus on this on the most critical transformations to be carried out in fulfilling everyone’s fundamental right to education and in building a more sustainable, inclusive and peaceful future.

Follow UN TV here or participate through Zoom.

The International Education Day celebrates the role that education plays in the path to peace and development, and it aims to increase international cooperation in achieving SDG 4, Ensuring quality, inclusive and equitable education and promoting opportunities of lifelong learning for all by 2030″. However, as a ladder to get out of poverty and construct a promising future, it still lacks answers to pressing challenges, namely due to the pandemic’s impact. There’s an entire generation of students who are at risk of losing lifelong gains corresponding to 14% of today’s global GDP.

The report The State of the Global Education Crisis: A Path to Recovery shows that, in low- and middle-income countries, the proportion of children living in learning poverty – already 53% before the pandemic – can reach 70%, with many schools still closed for millions of children and some may even never more back to school. The crisis has exacerbated inequalities, particularly among children from low-income families, children with disabilities and girls, due to the lack of accessible technologies and the unavailability of electricity, connectivity and devices. Those most impacted were also preschool-age children at crucial stages of learning and the most marginalized or vulnerable, especially in countries such as Ghana, Mexico and Pakistan. In addition, the initial evidence points to more significant losses among girls, seen unprotected by what schools and education offered them in terms of their well-being and life chances.

The pandemic has disrupted the education of 1.6 billion students and exacerbated the gender divide, reflecting further learning losses among girls and increasing child labour, gender-based violence, early marriage and pregnancy.


“We must do much more to advance Sustainable Development Goal 4, to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres



Alternative futures and disruptive transformations – UN proposes a new social contract for education.

As a specialized UN agency for education, UNESCO facilitates the annual observance of this day. The UNESCO Futures of education entitled reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education, focuses the response on 3 priorities: bringing all children back to school, recovering from learning losses, and preparing and supporting teachers.

As we move towards 2050, education must empower generations to reinvent their futures, guaranteeing the right to quality education throughout life (right to information, culture and science, due to access and contribution to common knowledge, through the collective knowledge resources accumulated over generations and in continuous transformation) and the strengthening of education as a common public good – ensuring public funding must also include a society-wide commitment to include EVERYONE in public discussions on education).


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The UN recalls that it is necessary to innovate teaching and the relationships between students, teachers, knowledge and the world through:

  • > A change in pedagogical models: classes less teacher-centred and more focused on individual achievement, emphasizing cooperation, collaboration and solidarity.
  • > More interdisciplinary curricula enhancing issues such as ecology and interculturality.
  • > Schools reinventing their architecture, spaces, time, schedules and groupings in detriment of the imposition of universal models.
  • > Stop thinking that education only takes place in schools and at certain ages, and welcoming and expand educational opportunities everywhere for everyone.
  • > Call for research and innovation through collaborative research programs worldwide, focusing on the right to lifelong education.
  • > Include different types of evidence and forms of knowledge, in horizontal learning and knowledge exchange across borders, with contributions from teachers to students, academics and research centres to governments and civil society organizations.
  • > Strengthen the educational needs of asylum seekers, refugees, stateless persons and migrants through international cooperation.
  • > Universities and other institutions of higher learning must support research and the advancement of science, sharing knowledge with other educational institutions and programs in their communities and around the world.
  • > Create more creative and innovative universities that strengthen education as a common good, where everyone can participate – children, youth, parents, teachers, researchers, activists, employers, cultural and religious leaders.


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Keep abreast of international events and opportunities related to this day and SDG 4:

  • > International day of Education, New York UNESCO Debates on strengthening education as a public enterprise and a common good, how-to guide digital transformation, support teachers, protect the planet and unlock the potential of each person to contribute to collective well-being. Participate via Zoom or watch the event online on UN Web TV.
  • > The Learning Planet Festival will feature more than 400 local events and online activities, co-organized with 250 partner organizations from around the world. An open platform of workshops, debates, games, exhibitions, forums and other events dedicated to promoting new ways of learning and teaching.
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