January, community achievements!

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GoParity impact investing platform ended 2021 with more than 10 million euros invested in 140 sustainable projects, almost triple the value until 2020. Furthermore, Casa do Impacto selected it as the startup of December at the invitation of Link to Leaders, given that its investments have skyrocketed during the pandemic, which confirms the trend that more and more people are investing in impact projects.

 Learn more about Go Parity and its relationship with SDG 9.


Biosphere, RTP2’s “Environmental Agenda 2021(a tv show dedicated to environmental sustainability), highlighted Mad Panda. In addition, the startup that works as an epicentre platform to support animal associations was one of the selected projects for financial support in the 1st edition of Casa do Impacto’s +Plus Fund.

Joana Moreira is co-founder of Mad Panda and current CEO of Transformers. Already nominated in the Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise is to be congratulated for adding another track to her entrepreneurial profile, receiving the 2021 CASES’s Social Economy Personality Honor Award


Also, an activist for animal protection, specifically for the oceans, congratulations are due to Sea Shepherd, which has already gathered 1 million signatures for the “Stop Finning – Stop the trade” petition. This initiative aims to ask “the Commission to draw up a new regulation imposing an obligation to keep fins naturally attached to the body for all trade in sharks and rays in the EU.”


GhostNetWork,Sea Shepperd’s “partner in crime ” also has news: a podcast which aims to connect and inspire others in the mission to protect beaches and oceans from so-called “ghost networks”. In addition, the podcast will promote talks that encourage exchanges of knowledge to enhance the development of solutions to comply with SDG 14 – Life Below Water. 

Learn more here about Sea Shepperd Portugal and Ghost Network partnership and SDG 14 – Life Below Water. 


And speaking of dedication and hope, let’s recall the recent rebranding of RESHAPE. Formerly under the name APAC Portugal, the project that has been part of Casa do Impacto’s community since its opening, has the mission “to fight for a world where no one goes back to prison, where reintegration is the rule, not the exception”.

Find out more about what has changed here!


Aligned with “social inclusion,” it’s SPEAK mission too. Another founding partner and recently winner of REN’s AGIR Award  for its ability to innovate in the face of the pandemic by developing an App that made it possible to ensure its mission and further expand its community. With this award, they will now upgrade their application, making it more efficient and intuitive!

SPEAK connects migrants, refugees and residents of the same city through a language exchange program. Learn more here


And yet, on the digital solutions, we congratulate Actif on the new partnership with the Caregivers Portugal Association, which aims to dignify and structure the role of the professional and independent caregivers. Actif is a startup that promotes a healthy lifestyle for active ageing by offering videos on demand with physical and cognitive activities. Closing 2021 in beauty, sums having passed the last phase of Rise for Impact.

Learn more here about this partnership!


And starting 2022 in the best way is 55+, highlighted in RTP Channel News. In a Linkedin post, 55+ thanks RTP for the opportunity, enhancing its visibility, and for that, reaching more people over 55 years old. Their statement also made prove that a funny spirit has no age: “You know how it is, it’s been many years…” they write in a joking tone, referring to RTP’s “maturity” (RTP was the first public Portuguese tv channel, now with 86 years old).


Opportunity for visibility also had the CEO of Clynx, Joana Pinto, who spoke with journalist Luís Castro in Sociedade Civil (“Civil Society”), a tv program by RTP2 under the theme “Design 2022: Technology”. In a panel composed by Helena Pereira (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT)), Luis Gregorio (IBM), David Braga Malta (P-BIO) and Nuno Fonseca (Sound Particles), several topics were addressed on the future of technology for this new year.  Among the presented solutions was Clynx, which aims to make physiotherapy and all its treatment more motivating, digital and interactive.


Still on promoting SDG 3 (Good health and well-being) of the UN 2030 Agenda – we spotlight the last big step of Glooma whom clinical studies with Cuf Descobertas will allow them to: develop the algorithm, validate the product with the medical community and achieve the necessary certifications, so their solution, SenseGlove (a medical screening device that complements the conventional and that connects to a mobile app) can be sell in the European Economic Area. The startup, whose mission started concerning the 600 thousand lives lost every year on breast cancer, wants to alert for the importance of prevention and early diagnosis.

If you want to know more about Glooma and other solutions promoting SDG 3 (Good health and well-being), stay tuned to next Friday blogpost (February 4th), in which we’ll celebrate in parallel with the UN 2030 Agenda, “World Cancer Day”.


Every month we will let you know the “community achievements” of Casa do Impacto. So get to learn, connect, collaborate, get inspired, share and create an impact!

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