The World Day for Cultural Diversity calls for dialogue as fundamental for society’s development. Here at Casa do Impacto, we celebrate the ecosystem whose crucial role we reveal through the work of 8 startups presented here today.

Meet 8 resident startups in Casa do Impacto, who arrived at our community through several programs and physical or virtual incubation, which promote cultural diversity, dialogue and education for a more sustainable, cohesive and resilient society :


  1. Afrikanizm Art

The online art platform, incubated in the co-work space of Casa do Impacto, was born to recognise and value African artists.

It helps people connect with African art and artists worldwide by offering an unrivalled selection of artworks at various prices. In this way, it provides African artists worldwide with expert support to exhibit and sell their work. Based in Lisbon and Angola, it aims to redefine the experience of buying and selling art, making it welcoming and accessible to both artists and collectors


  1. Environmental ARTivism

Arrived at Casa do Impacto through the 2nd Edition of Triggers, it was one of the ten selected projects currently participating in the programme acceleration phase.

It encourages Circular Economy practices by raising awareness to recycle and reuse production waste.

Creating artistic pieces from discarded material creates opportunities for people with fewer resources to enter the job market or start businesses.

LEARN+about Triggers, the acceleration program for environmental projects of Casa do Impacto!


  1. GASNova

Youth association with NGO status, virtually incubated at Casa do Impacto, aims to bring youth closer to the world’s biggest challenges and create social transformation agents through Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship.

Through “Caminhadas” (“Walks”), a training cycle lasting 12 months, it promotes training and skills development meetings, group moments and awareness-raising actions to form and mobilise groups of volunteers. Volunteering projects occur within the framework of Cooperation for Development and in partnership with local, national or international organisations.

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  1. Paredes Meias

This project, virtually incubated at Casa do Impacto, aims to make known Quebrantões a location in Vila Nova de Gaia – its fabric, people and particularities – contributing to improving spaces in the neighbourhood.

Through workshops for the local and international community around  ‘design and experimental architecture’ and using innovative, sustainable and natural materials, different areas converge around design, experimental architecture, engineering and art.

In addition to these workshops with a social intervention component, it aims to create artistic residencies with the participation of locals.

Its mission is to establish a culture and social solidarity cooperative for managing these projects.

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  1. Problemattic

This gamified platform joined Casa de Impacto in the virtual incubation model. It aims to facilitate collaborative resolutions for social impact problems through the matchmaking between people with diverse talents and skills.

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  1. Reshape

Since it started, incubated at Casa do Impacto has already impacted the lives of 211 people, added more than 60 volunteers and implemented 19 programs.

Its aims to implement and disseminate new approaches that transform the lives of people who are or have been in prison. Its programs offer fundamental tools and incentives for effective social reintegration through personal development, mentoring and employment.

It also fills the standard information gap about the Prison System through social education. Finally, through generating knowledge and promoting talks and events, it aims to change the paradigm of the current system to another more effective and humane one.


  1. Shifter

In partnership with Casa do Impacto, organised last year a cycle of talks named “Encontros Com Impacto”, approaching hot topics like the cities’ future, mental health and artificial intelligence, among others.

Shifter is a community magazine of intersectional thinking, reflection and reviews on technology, society and culture, created in the community and supported by those who read it.

Ended in April 2022, the most extensive crowdfunding campaign ever launched for a local journalism project, and founded in February 2021, “Lisboa Para Pessoas” is a local, journalistic-based publication that emerged to help a more informed and involved city. Focusing on the themes like mobility, sustainability and public space, “Lisboa para Pessoas” is a meeting point for relevant and critical stories about the city, helpful guides for those who want to experience Lisbon differently, a library of data and content that should be more accessible, from the most prominent digital community in the city.


  1. SPEAK

One of the five startups-founders of Casa do Impacto Speak is a startup with growing scalability and cross-border.

Created to unite people, it offers linguistic and cultural programs in which the sharing of languages and cultures between migrants and locals breaks down barriers, promotes multilingualism and equality and democratises language learning. Anyone can apply to learn or teach a language or culture, including that of their country.

Some of its courses occur permanently at Casa do Impacto, but others exist in various parts of Lisbon and Portugal. Also implemented in several European cities, it already has 12104 participants from 90 nationalities since its inception. In addition, it has already carried out 1227 programs and 294 events.


All these projects that we made known to you today work to promote cultural diversity, in line with the fulfillment of the UN Agenda 2030, through:

  • > Building sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11)
  • > The promotion of gender equality (SDG 17)
  • > From building partnerships to impact (SDG 5)
  • > Making peace, justice and resilient institutions (SDG 16)

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